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Thanks to your many contributions, big and small, we were able to pay for four full days at Q Division Studios, work with an incredible band and bring an amazing team onboard to commit these songs to record.

It. sounds. so. good. I’m REALLY proud of what all of us created together, and now that phase one has been done (and done well), we are moving right along to phase two…for more info on what we need for mixing, mastering, merch making, manufacturing, promoting and releasing check out the indigogo page here:

We are still live and accepting funds!

About The Album

A lot has happened in this country since I released The Lumberjack a year ago. The Global Change Climate Program released its 4th annual Climate Assessment, Toledo Ohio granted human rights to Lake Eerie, the Senate designated 1.3 million acres of wilderness, and the state of Illinois rolled out an agenda to achieve zero carbon by 2050.

Last summer's tour took us around the country and up through Canada. We passed through the smoke of America's most punishing wildfire season in history, stood 30 yards from where lightning struck land during an extreme precipitation event Texas, and narrowly avoided the devastating floods of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.

The climate is changing and that's what this album is about. 

My name is Eleanor Elektra and I am a singer songwriter and interdisciplinary artist. I have been expressing my connection with nature through music since I started writing songs as a teen. This will be my third release to date and my most ambitious project yet! But more on that later; the inspiration for this album first came to me when I was 16 years old, in the form of a Norse genesis story wherein the earth is born from the corpse of a giant named Ymir. Ymir’s flesh becomes the earth, his blood the rivers, his brains the clouds, his skull the sky. His blood drowns the inhabitants of the world except for two of his offspring who float away in a sea of gore.

Five years later I did an "exquisite corpse" co-write with a fellow songwriter; we passed the notebook back and forth writing lyrical passages, and the metaphors that conceived these songs came from this.

The Exquisite Corpse is about things that are started by one generation and taken up by another, it’s about the struggling condition of the earth. The Exquisite Corpse is also the cycle of death and regeneration. It’s a way of looking at the Earth that says one thing ends, another begins, and it is also a call to action, compelling us to bring an end to the paradigm of exploitation so a paradigm of restoration can begin. It is the concept of Nature as a body, and it holds physical and spiritual implications about the current condition of the Earth and what it means to us.  


Some people that I think are really great. Just wait till you hear what we made, these folks are extra-ordinary—out of this world—very good at what they do.

Tyrone Allen, Milena Casado, Zosha Warpeha, Eleanor Elektra, Jacob Hiser, Ivanna Cuesta Gonzales

Tyrone Allen, Milena Casado, Zosha Warpeha, Eleanor Elektra, Jacob Hiser, Ivanna Cuesta Gonzales

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Here’s a sneak peak of our song “Miami”.

Video by Brandon Johnson!