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“There is something intrinsically Pacific Northwest about her soft guitar noises and her folk-jazzy odes to nature that is impossible to completely distinguish from her personhood”

— Boston Hassle

“Through attentive curation of musical and narrative details, Eleanor’s songs reconstruct worlds ranging from the beloved to the acutely transformational. To hear Eleanor is to immerse oneself in an endless journey: the nuance her work offers new discoveries with every listen.”
— Taylor Holland, songwriter

In August of 2017 Eleanor released her EP “Comet”, a spare, unaffected performance captured on a simple field recorder in the rural woods of the Columbia River Gorge.  Nine months later Eleanor came out with a full length album entitled “The Lumberjack” which features her collaboration with guitarist Jacob Matheus.  The album was presented in tandem with a film installation—the result of a collaboration with Boston Filmmaker Lily Dickinson.

Eleanor has toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada. She is a mainstay of the Boston music scene, where she has been based for the past four years, performing at such venues as House of Blues, the Lilypad, and Club Passim while producing spectacular DIY shows in town. 

Eleanor is an interdisciplinary artist originally from the Pacific NorthWest who fuses musical & visual arts.

Her practice spans songwriting, printmaking and installation work.  Her music combines elements of folk, jazz and classical music within the songwriter idiom to create unique cinematic songs. Largely a self taught guitarist, her playing is both technical and idiosyncratic, skillfully supporting songs that are rich in both composition and execution.

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